Saturday, 29 January 2011

John Hammond SWAc paintings

These great landscape paintings are by John Hammond SWAc. They are painted in acrylic on board and capture the light and atmosphere of sunny landscape scenes beautifully. I have framed them in water gilded and painted frames. They are for the John Noott Gallery in Broadway.

Perspex backing

This pastel on linen canvas has been backed with perspex, air holes are drilled to prevent the canvas from being moved forward by air pressure, if the back of the picture is ever pressed. The perspex adds protection from damage and also allows any writing by the artist or makers labels to be seen.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Making a gilded frame - size coat

The first stage in making a gilded frame (after it has been joined, had the corners filled, and the whole frame has been sanded), is to apply a size coat of rabbit skin glue. This primes the barewood surface and will help to create a strong bond between the gesso layers and the wood substrate. If the frame is not given a size coat the glue in the gesso is absorbed into the wood and the bond will be very weak. The glue granules are mixed 1:8 with water and left for 24 hours to soak. The glue is then heated in a double boiler and brushed on very warm, but is not heated too much as overheating the glue causes the adhesive to break down, and become useless. The frame is left for a day before the next stage, which is the gesso. Sometimes strips of fine silk are put over the mitres, this interlagio helps to reduce the inevitable cracking that occurs at the mitres, as the wood shrinks, expands, and moves during variations in the surrounding atmosphere.

painting a frame

The inner part of this frame is being painted with water based paint. It was painted with acrylic primer undercoat first, and then two coats of emulsion.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Jeremy Houghton

This painting, called 'On Air' is by Jeremy Houghton, it has been framed in a black painted scoop shaped frame with a white slip. 

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

painting, gesso, and gilding

Here are a few frames being worked on at the moment. The frame being painted with gesso in the photo above is made from two mouldings, the inner part has been cut down on the table saw, it is then joined to the outer box frame. 
The three frames in the middle photo are being painted black, and will be sealed with an acrylic varnish, they will also have a white painted slip.
The top photo is another frame made from two mouldings, it is being water gilded.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Finished floater frame

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Canvas float frame

This canvas float frame was damaged so I have just tidied up the finish with black casein paint on the inner part, and red casein paint under the water based acrylic gold paint. The profile is a simple 'L' shape, the canvas sits in the tray and is held in place with screws. The canvas has a gap of about 1/4" all round which gives the floating effect. The gold paint has been stippled on and is a very simple and cost effective finish.

Duncan MacGregor paintings

Today I finished a load of paintings by Duncan MacGregor, they are for the gallery Broadway Modern. The inner slip frame is a painted scoop, and the outer is a very chunky square box frame.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Selection of work

Here's a little selection of some pieces of art at the workshop at the moment, examples of two jobs waiting to be collected, and two jobs waiting to be done.
The Labrador puppies are a limited edition print called 'First Litter' by Chipping Campden based artist Paula-Jayne, and are framed in a wide oak frame with dark wax finish.
The green image is a micro photographic print called 'The Filter Feeding Forest' by Lawrence Wu, and it is framed in a ultra-white box frame, the image is mounted on Foamex and is float mounted.
The large black and gold frame is in need of some minor repairs, the frame is a very nice water gilded and painted number, and is made in Scotland. 
This great painting is by Joe Hargan, I love his work, mainly because he paints frames. This is for Red Rag Gallery, who have galleries in Stow-on-the-Wold and Bath.
Last but not least, the flamingos canvas waiting to be framed is by another of my favourite artists; Jeremy Houghton, and it will be going in a painted frame.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Back at work

I'm back at work now, and lots of jobs have come in while I've been away. Quite a few urgent repairs, various gilded and hand made frames, prints, posters, photos; lots of different jobs in fact. The heavy snow we had just before Christmas meant that alot of customers did not collect their framing before the holidays, and they have been slow to collect and pay in January too! 

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Some Russian frames and paintings

I've managed to take a few photos of some paintings and frames during my holiday break. These paintings are by Igor Sushenok, who is a professor and teacher of art at a school in Moscow, a number of paintings are on display at the school.
Very impressive paintings, with some good frames too, the frame on the top painting (with piano and Mrs Framemaker) is a wide natural wood profile with quite a 'rustic' look (don't like this word to describe frames but can't think of a better one), I think this 'tree like' frame is very appropriate for the painting. 
The second photo is a wide cassetta frame, with gilded and painted finish, I've always liked this style of frame.