Monday, 7 April 2014

Song of the Sea Exhibition

As a treat for my recent birthday, and to mark 20 years of working as a picture framer, I decided to give myself a Monday morning off work... to visit an art gallery to look at frames and paintings.
Worcester City Museum and Art Gallery has a really interesting collection dedicated to the Worcestershire military regiments, and also varied collections covering natural history, geology, archaeology, ethnology, art, and social history amongst other areas.

The current main art exhibition is called:

More information on the exhibition can be found this website:

It is a really good little exhibition, with some lovely paintings and frames, the St. Ives school is a fascinating and important area of British art history, which still influences today. Here are some photos of my favourites frames in the exhibition:


Thursday, 3 April 2014

Leeds Museums and Galleries

A detailed post on the Leeds Museums and Galleries blog about making an oval frame:

Madonna and Child - Oval Gilded Frame

National Museums Liverpool

The National Museums Liverpool website has some frame restoration and conservation information:

The Frame Department section of the website has a number of frame articles.

Google search

It's interesting what comes up when searching, I was looking for 'felt frame rebate tape', which is used to line the rebate (rabbet) of a frame to cushion and protect the painting, and I found the excellent Knole Conservation Team Blog, which has some frame related posts. It has some fascinating snippets and insights into the handling and treatment of frames at a National Trust house.

The first link is the page I landed on from my search, the text is hard to read in places due to the background images, but still interesting frame related posts:

Second link is the home page: