Saturday, 16 November 2013

A selection of antique frames

 18th C English carved
 19th C English Louis XIII revival
 Grotesque corner
 19th C Louis XV swept
 19th C Louis XV swept

As much as I like art and paintings in frames, there is something about a beautiful empty antique frame hung on a wall which I almost prefer.

American arts and crafts - Taos frame

The next of my favourites from my new stock is this early 20th Century American arts and crafts frame. I would call this a Taos frame, but perhaps an American based blog watcher will confirm this? I think the design of this frame is amazing, it has sadly been re-gilded, as have a large number of the antique frames amongst the recent stock. This treatment is quite common by art dealers and galleries, just to have a uniform look to there frames and paintings, and just to cover up any wear and tear. 

Civil Defence exhibition frame

Another frame from my recent stock delivery, a modernist looking frame which exhibited at the 1942 Civil Defence Artists exhibition at Manchester City Art Gallery. I love the carved corner detail and gilt finish.

17th Century carved frame

This is a really lovely little 17th or early 18th Century, English carved and gilded frame. One of my favourite of the carved frames, among my recent stock delivery.

19th Century oak

A 19th Century gilded oak frame, lovely original finish, an understated looking but great period frame which is often called a 'Whistler' frame after the artist.

Re-finishing a frame

This vintage Louis XIV style frame had a painted finish, it needs an antique style gilt finish so is being re-finished. Some repairs were made to damaged/missing areas, then it was painted with Zinsser primer, next came a coat of black paint, and then red/brown. Now it is ready to be gilded with acrylic size and metal leaf. 

Silk photo frame

The silk fabric on this antique photo frame was really tatty and worn, so it is being replaced with new material.

Oak and composition

This pair of 19th Century oak and composition frames had been overpainted, which was removed, and had some losses that needed to be replaced. Once this work was done the frames were given a size coat of glue, and were then painted all over in yellow bole and pink bole.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Frame stock

I had a big delivery of frames arrive last week, a really good selection of antique, vintage repro, and modern reproduction frames. There were considerably more than advertised so it has taken a few days to sort through them and get them put away, and I have not started to catalogue them accurately yet. I will take a few photos of some of my favourites in a few days.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Ashes cricket bat

This cricket bat is signed by the England 2013 winning Ashes team, it was framed for a local charity auction. The deep obeche box frame was painted black, the edges were then exposed with sand paper to break up the lines and create some detail. The bat is held in place with an acrylic cricket bat holder, and the title below the bat is stuck to black core mountboard which is then cut at on a bevel to show a thick black line around the text.

Before and after...

The same painting seen in two different framing styles. 'Before' is in the heavy and traditional fluted cove frame. 'After' is in the 22ct moon gold and painted frame.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Variation on the usual

These three frames are similar to my regular gilded/painted frames, except the gilding is done in bronze powder instead of gold leaf. A budget alternative to a water gilded finish.

Ornate mirror frame

This ornate gilded mirror frame has just had a new backing fitted. It is very ornate with C scrolls, floral, and leaf designs. On the top of the frame there is a rather sweet little snail which is just about to be eaten by a swooping bird.

Cassetta frame

A cassetta frame with pastiglia corners and centres and water gilded finish, made by an American (volume) maker of antique style frames.

Wide gilded frames

Two gilded frames in various final stages of finishing.