Friday, 6 April 2012

Ribbon and stick moulding

Here is the ribbon and stick moulding that I made a while ago after it has been cut to size, finished in gilt and then applied to this veneered and polished wood frame.

Waiting to be gilded

These are just a few of the frames that should have been gilded last week, with another two dozen or so large to huge ones on top of these, but various recent events mean I am a good two weeks behind schedule... looks like a busy time ahead.

Yellow bole and banana

An English style compo ornamented swept frame which has had yellow bole sprayed on as a base layer. Some red bole will go on the raised high points and it will then be gilded.

Paint finish

This frame has had a couple of coats of gesso, bronze powder was then stippled over red bole, the centre panel has then painted with primer and dark grey paint. Next comes a colourwash...