Friday, 30 January 2015

Oval Carved Frame

Another frame that is for a Georgian villa restoration project. The frame is carved, one of a pair, the top of the bow was missing so a new section has been carved. It will be finished to match the existing dark colour, a few other areas also need some repair work, there is a missing section at the bottom, and some splits in the timber. Splits are a common problem on oval and round antique frames as they are made from a number of different sections of wood to get the shape, these joints are under stress as the timber moves over the years so will eventually open up.

18th Century Carved Candle Holder

This 18th Century carved wood candle holder came in with the 18th C mirror frame posted yesterday, part of a large restoration project of a Georgian house. It has been over-painted and has a few sections missing, the condition is a little fragile so it will also need some securing. The later applied gold paint, which has tarnished over time and gone this horrible brown bronze colour, will be removed. 

Tray Frames

I have lots of orders for canvas tray or float frames at the moment, some will be painted, and others gilded, this is just a few of them cut to size and waiting to be joined together.

18th Century Carved Mirror Frame

This very nice 18th Century mirror frame has come in for some repairs. It is carved and some missing sections of carving have been replaced by a student/apprentice carver. The frame has a water gilded finish which is in relatively good condition, I will gesso and gild the repairs, give some areas a light clean, and do some securing of some loose sections. It will eventually hang in a Georgian villa that is also being restored.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Carved Detail

A close-up of the ornament detail on a lovely carved frame, showing C scrolls, flowers, and leaves, and the fine cross hatching and stippled background areas of the frame.

Repaired Frame

This 19th Century fluted second empire style continental frame has been repaired, it had various losses to the ornament and damage to the gesso.

Gold Leaf Finish

A gold leaf gilded frame that is having any small breaks in the leaf patched, known as 'faulting'. It will then be distressed and finished.

Start to Finish

There are lots of stages in between these two photos, from a barewood obeche frame to the 12ct white gold gilded frame, takes a minimum 8 days between the various stages and layers.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Large Swept 19th Century Frame

Acorns, Oak Leaves, Acanthus Leaves...

Fancy Compo Corners

Another example of a large composition 19th Century frame, this one has a rebate size of 55" x 40" and would make a super mirror.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Another Sanded Frame

A very large French wedge shaped frame with another example of a sanded section.

Sanded Cove

This interesting antique frame has a cove with very course grain sanded ground. The outer design (on the left of the image) is also made from (a finer course) sand.

Victorian RĂ©gence/Louis XV Revival Frame

Local Antique Frame

This large antique Barbizon style frame with Greek key pattern, was made by a framemaker called Alfred Mason, at 15 Foregate Street, Worcester. This address is just round the corner from where I live. The building is now a number of businesses, including a Jewellers.

Metal Leaf

A couple of 20th Century frames that have been gilded at the corners, centres, and rails with metal leaf. The top frame is the one from a few posts ago, which had four broken corners.

Laurel Wreath

A fine 19th Century frame with a single large laurel wreath as a centre decoration.

Combed Gesso Artist's Frame

Pair of Fluted Frames

A good, pair of fluted second Empire frames that have a nicely distressed antique original gilded finish, they just need some repairs to make them complete.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Four Broken Corners

An early 20th Century continental Louis XV style swept frame that has damage to all four corners. The frame has also been over painted.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Various Frame Styles

A selection of frame styles and various ornament patterns, that I saw on display during a recent visit to the Museum of London.

More Watts Examples

A couple of examples of antique Watts frames, seen on a recent visit to London. I took an order today for a couple more Watts style frames...