Thursday, 18 June 2015

18th Century Carved Frame

A lovely little carved 18th Century frame, I call this style a Romney frame after the artist, it is an ideal period frame for drawings, sketches, or watercolours.

Recent Gilded Frames - Old and New

The top frames are water gilded in 12ct white gold on an ogee shaped profile. The bottom frame is an early 20th C frame that is being refinished in metal leaf and bronze powder.

Restored Ornate Candelabra

This very ornate and fabulous looking 18th Century carved candle holder had numerous bits and pieces missing. It had also been overpainted so needed complete restoration.

Stained Oak

A stained oak frame that has a gilded sight edge which is 23.5ct gold leaf.

Black Gesso Frame

A frame with textured gesso that has a red base paint colour with black on top. The sight edge is dark gilt bronze powder.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Fitting Frames Art Blog

Here is an interesting new frame related blog called Fitting Frames:

There is also a facebook page