Thursday, 29 August 2013

Virtual Picture Frames

I found an interesting frame site this evening, surprised I have not found it before, it is called Virtual Picture Frames by L.A. Miller and it starts of looking at Louis XV frames but goes on to look at various frame related designs and influences. 

17th Century frame

This is a super little Louis XIII carved flower corner frame, made in France in the 17th Century. It is great to be able to see frames like this, work on them, and use them to frame pictures. A later English version of this style is known as the Lebrun frame.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Last stages on these frames

The next stage of these gilded and painted frames is to remove the tape masking the gilding, then wax and coloured pigments are brushed over the scoop section, adding various colours to the surface. Coloured wax is also brushed on the sides, which are also finished with paint and colourwashes. The three frames below have not yet had the gilding wiped clean:

The wax residue over the gilding is simply wiped off with white spirit. Sometimes sprayer sealer is also applied, for example when the leaf is silver or 12ct white gold. These are two finished frames:


Once the large number of gilded frames have had the gilding masked off, and the middle section is given a few coats of paint, next colourwashes are applied. The gilding is still masked off during this stage. In this photo I am mixing up some different colours:

Applying a colourwash to this frame:

Painted sections

The frame from the previous post after gilding in 22ct moon gold and after the middle scoop has been painted. The larger frame is gilded in 12ct white gold, although this is covered in masking tape while the middle section is being painted.

Gilding frames...

The photo above shows lots of frames on the rack, either just been gilded in 23.5ct medium deep gold leaf, or are about to be gilded. The frame below has two sections painted with red bole and it will be gilded in 22ct moon gold. This is one of our most used frame profiles, about 2" (50mm) wide, scoop shape with some shape to the inner and outer sections.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Gesso frames

Here are a few frames being coated in gesso, we have about 35 to get done in the next couple of weeks. Spraying on the gesso is a real time and labour saver :)

Friday, 2 August 2013

Thursday, 1 August 2013

White colourwash

A simple white finish with slight colour variations. The frame was painted with acrylic primer, then a green/blue paint, then a coat of off white. When dry the frame was sanded and distressed, and then given a watered down colourwash. Next the frame was given a brush over with liming wax, which was wiped off, and lastly some coloured pigment was brushed over and the whole frame was given a good polish. The finish is a subtle but attractive colourwashed/distressed look.