Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Step frame

This frame was made by taking a flat moulding and then adding the raised step, this was made from some offcuts from another job, where I had to cut the back of a moulding. The frame was then gessoed, black bole was painted on just the top flat and it was water gilded in 22ct moon gold. The gilding was distressed lightly and then burnished. The inner and outer part of the frame were then painted in primer and a grey white before being aged with wax and rottenstone.  

Fluted cove frame

This is a nice little antique fluted cove frame that has had a few minor repairs.

Walnut stain

Two more examples of stained wood frames. These are both walnut, which gives a lovely finish when stained, sealed, and waxed. The top frame is a custom sweep shaped profile and will be a very dark finish, the second frames is a simple flat section and won't be finished as darkly.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Simple oak finish

These photos show the various stages in a simple stained oak finish. My method is to cut and join the frame first, I then give it a very good sand to remove any machine cutting marks, round the edges, and make the mitres nice and flush. I then apply a coat of water based stain. Some people stain the lengths first before joining, but I prefer to stain after joining so I can get the corners perfect, especially with oak which can sometimes be a little tricky to join together. I don't find any problems with stain brush marks or overlaps at the corners. The next stage is a coat of shellac sanding sealer, this is given a rub over with 0000 wire wool, then a coat of medium brown wax, lastly the frame is given a good polish.

Step-by-step photos, taken on my phone which is not the best camera.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Reproduction Watts frame

The gilding of this Watts frame was finished recently, here are a few photos of some of the stages involved.

Carved antique frame

Here is a nice antique carved frame. My feeling is that this is a 19th Century copy of a 17th/18th Century English Louis XIII inspired frame. It is in good condition and just needs some minor work doing, and some museum glass fitting.